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Frustrating but productive Winter

It's been a frustrating Winter. In late October, while descending a mountain I hyper-extended my knee. In effect, knees bend < this way, while my knee bent > that way. I tore my cruciate and medial ligaments and ended up in hospital. No more climbing until its sorted said the doctor. So I'm now waiting for an op to sort it. This has severely curtailed my photography over the Winter. While I would normally be strapping on crampons and climbing the mountains in Glencoe (I had even planned a winter wild camp in the snow), the fact that even a simple climb leaves me with days of pain, means that my photography has been limited. Putting all this 'wasted time' to good use has meant that I designed and built this website, so while its been a frustrating time its been productive. By the end of January I should be able to tell what is going to happen to my knee.

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