Time to say Goodbye
Sunset over the Trossachs from Ben A'an
The sun explodes from the clouds over the town of Callander.
Loch Katrine
Panorama image of Loch Katrine in the heart of The Trossachs.
Loch Rusky
Sunrise over Loch Rusky
The Duke's Pass
The forests of The Trossachs from The Duke's Pass
Cruising Loch Katrine
The old steamship - The Sir Walter Scott - cruising on Loch Katrine.
The Forest
Loch Drunkie
Autumn mists float over Loch Drunkie in the heart of The Trossachs
Far Callander
Lochs Drunkie and Venachar with the town of Callander in the far distance.
The Duke's Sunrise
Sunrise over The Trossachs from the Duke's Pass
Who would desecrate a landscape voted the most beautiful place in the United Kingdom with a windfarm?
The Streaker
The setting sun lights up the steaks of clouds over Ben A'an.
A Name Changer
The small mountain Ben A'an in The Trossachs used to be called Am Binnien - no one knows why it's name was changed.
Loch Achray
I found these rocks while exploring the shores of Loch Achray, they created a perfect foreground interest to lead the eye into the photo. Ben Venue is the mountain in the background.
Goblin Sunset
Ben Venue, the mountain in the heart of The Trossachs is also the mountain of the goblins. As little as 300 years ago goblins were rumoured to live in caves on the slopes of the mountain.
Rob Roy's Revenge
Loch Katrine is the loch in the distance. On the left is Glengyle, birthplace of the famous outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor. The photo was taken from the summit of Ben Venue.
Fulton's Trees
Near the village of Thornhill
Never Lost
Even when the weather doesn't play ball you are never lost for photographic opportunities in The Trossachs.
Return of the Ledi
The peak of Ben Ledi at sunset from Ben A'an.
The Venue
Taken from Ben Venue looking north to the mountains of the southern Highlands.
Ben and the Boat House
A small boat house on Loch Ard lit by the morning sun against the backdrop of Ben Lomond.
Mist and Magic
The Trossachs is a land of myth and magic. The Queen of the Faeries has her palace close by this spot and it is told that the faerie folk can be seen playing amongst the trees in the morning mists.
What's Left?
The slopes of many of the mountains in the Trossachs are being cleared of non-native tree species by The Forestry Commission. The leave only native trees standing.
The Morning Mists of Achray
Loch Achray from Ben A'an as the morning mists roll across the glens and lochs.
The Winter Coat
The summit of Ben A'an in the heart of The Trossachs.
The Cobbler
The distinctive shape of the peaks of The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) and The Arrochar Alps.
Winter in The Trossachs
Trossachs Winter 2
Loch Ard
Loch Ard with the distinctive shape of Ben Lomond in the background.
Sunrise over Achray
Sunrise over Loch Achray.
Going Home
"Now the skylines reach my eyes, the ridge stands out in Highlands skies, something tells me that I'm going home."
Sunrise over Loch Ard
Taken at Altskeith on Loch Ard.
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