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Runner Up -Mountain Photo of the Year


John McSporran is a landscape photographer living in Erskine and The Trossachs areas of Scotland. His work has been extensively used and published on-line, in various magazines and by various companies for promotional material or calendars. He supports local business in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, providing his images to groups such as Destination Callander, Loch Katrine and the National Park. He is a member of the Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers - who promote the work of Scottish Landscape Photographers. His photographs have been used for the front cover Christmas (December) editions of the Scots Magazine - the World's oldest magazine - read by Scots and ex-patriot Scots the world over. He gives presentations and talks to Camera Clubs across Scotland about landscape photography and the challenges of mountain photography.

He has a love of the mountains and scenery of Scotland and combines photography with mountain climbing and wild camping. He has reached the finals of Mountain Photo of the Year and got 2nd place (Runner Up). His most famous image, 'The Saltire', has been shared ten of thousands of times across the Internet.


This website is primarily intended to showcase my work: I don't usually sell my photos. I photograph simply for the love of it. However, if you wish to use any of my photographs commercially click the 'Contact Me' link.

“I normally climb (or descend) mountains in the dark, before dawn or after sunset, to catch those special moments as the sun rises and sets – the ‘golden hours’ of landscape photography. I do it in all weathers and at all times of the year. I have been up top in knee deep snow when the temperatures are 'a wee bit chilly’ (minus 20) requiring the use of crampons and ice axe: or been caught in a storm on top of An Teallach in 60mph winds when the tent has collapsed about me. At other times I can be found beside the lochs of Scotland to capture the morning mists or dawn reflections. I love these experiences - the joys of landscape photography.”

I use Canon and Fuji cameras and lenses, Lee Filters and Benro tripods. When camping I use Vango and Wild Country tents.

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