Kravica Waterfalls
Kravica Waterfalls, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Blair Atholl
Atholl Castle, Blair Atholl, Perthshire
The Cloud Generators
The Bridge
Erskine Bridge on the River Clyde. In mid-Winter the sun rises directly over the centre of the bridge. I framed the photo with two old posts sticking out of the water at Bowling harbour.
The Erskine Bridge
A slightly surreal mid-Winter sunrise over the River Clyde and Erskine Bridge.
Here Be Devils
Finnich Gorge, Craighat. Known as the Devil's Pulpit, although the pulpit is actually a large flat rock further up the gorge (see other image).
About 7am on the 6th of May each year, the early morning sun shines through a narrow gap into Finnich Gorge. A few days earlier or later and these elements do not align. It took me numerous visits to this location, wading along the gorge in knee deep water to capture this image.
Turnberry Lighthouse
Taken from the foreshore below the 9th Tee of Turnberry golf course, Ayrshire.
The Devil's Pulpit
The large flat top rock in picture is The Devil's Pulpit deep in Finnich Gorge near Craighat. It was used as an altar stone by the Druid priests of the old religion about 2000 years ago. They held secret meetings in the gorge to avoid Roman soldiers.
The Wallace Monument
The Wallace Monument near Stirling, overlooks the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, where Sir William Wallace (the Braveheart) led the army of Scotland to victory over the army of England.
The Scots Pines of Buttermere, Lake District, England.
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