The Cobbler's Goodnight
I had packed up for the night after deciding that all photographic opportunities had disappeared with the setting sun - when this happened. The rays of the sun behind the Cobbler (Ben Arthur).
The Cobbler
The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) from Duncryne Hill, above the village of Gartocharn, Loch Lomond.
Lomond Mirror
The Pudding
Loch Lomond from Duncryne Hill - known locally as the the dumpling or the pudding bowl.
Frost on the Dumpling
I love the subtlety of this shot, taken on a frosty morning from Duncryne Hill (The Dumpling).
Sing a Rainbow
Red and Yellow and Pink and Blue, etc. I can sing a rainbow too.
Sunbeams on Lomond
Ben Lomond
Winter's Breath
The first light of the winter sun hits the mountains around Loch Lomond.
Duncryne Hill above the village of Gartocharn provides marvellous views of Loch Lomond and the mountains. Sometimes the weather plays ball and you get shots like this.
In the Pink
Light on the Horizon
Keek is a good old 14th Century Scottish word meaning to peep. On this day the setting sun 'keeked' out one last time between a gap in the mountains.
The view of Loch Lomond and its surrounding mountains from The Whangie.
Sunset over Loch Lomond
Last Light on Lomond
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