Blairskaith Linn
Blairskaith Linn is an old cave and mine complex north of Glasgow, with a waterfall flowing over the cave entrance. Limestone was mined here in the 18th and 19th centuries. I took this shot at the late evening sun lit up the cave entrance.
Splendid Isolation
While taking photographs from Craigmore Crags above Aberfoyle I noticed this tree lit by the low early morning sun.
Trossachs Panorama
Panorama of the Trossachs from Craigmore Crags above Aberfoyle, with Loch Ard below, Ben Lomond and the Arrochar Alps in the distance.
Trossachs from Craigmore
Pot of Gold
Rainbow over Ben Ledi. After a rainstorm blew over the Trossachs I managed to capture this beautiful rainbow, which lasted for about two minutes.
Trossachs Sunrise
Long exposure (145 second) shot over the Trossachs from the top of The Duke's Pass.
The Road to Buchlyvie
I travel this road frequently and never noticed the potential in this location until my wife pointed it out to me. Sometimes you can't see the woods for the trees.
The Sir Walter Scott
Early morning shot of the old steamship, The Sir Walter Scott, cruising on Loch Katrine. Taken from Ben A'an.
Loch Drunkie, with Loch Venachar in the background.
The Venue
I climbed Ben A'an with my children and we got soaked in have rain, on the way down the mountain the rain stopped and the clouds parted giving the lush shot across to Ben Venue.
Sunset over Ben Venue
The last day of October with the sun setting directly over Ben Venue. You can just make out the steamship Sir Walter Scott returning from its cruise on the Loch.
Sunrise on Achray
The morning sun obscured by early mists on Loch Achray.
Sunrise over Binnien
The sun rises over one of the rocks on top of Binnien (Ben A'an).
Sunset from Ben Gullipen
Panorama shot of the Trossachs from Ben Gullipen, one of the ignored hills in The Trossachs. Ben Ledi is the mountain to the right, with the pointed peak of Ben A'an centre and Ben Venue to the left.
Finnich Glen Waterfalls
The waterfalls in Finnich Glen, sometimes called the Devil's Pulpit, although the actual pulpit is a large flat topped rock out of shot to the right.
The Loup of Fintry
The Loup of Fintry is a series of waterfalls on the Carnock Burn near the village of Fintry. Loup means 'leap' as the falls leap over the rocks.
Photographing Sunset
While photographing sunset on Ben A'an this young chap obligingly stood on the summit with his camera and tripod proving a focal point.
Lochan Balloch
The hidden lochan of Balloch as a snow storm blew over at sunset. Ben Lomond in the far distance on the right.
Loch Katrine from Ben A'an.
The Morning Mists
The morning mists swirl around and blanket Loch Katrine.
Falls of the Little Fawn
These waterfalls descend for about 150 feet and are located within The Lodge forest visitor centre in The Trossachs.
Far Callander
The town of Callander in the far distance from the Duke's Pass
The Drunken Duke
The early morning sun lighting up the morning mists over Loch Drunkie. Taken from the Duke's Pass.
Trossachs Forests
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